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Main Headquarters

     Mailing Address                          Street Address
             P.O. Box 12080                     8505 Cross Park Dr. #110
Austin, TX 78711-2080                      Austin, Tx 78754

Map to 8505 Cross Park

Phone: 512-833-6699
Fax: 512-833-6907

Web Site: http://www.txrc.texas.gov
Information: info@txrc.texas.gov
Webmaster: webmaster@txrc.texas.gov

Austin office hours are 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday except for designated state & national holidays.

Executive Director Chuck Trout

Chief of Staff/Policy Development

Jean Cook

Chief Financial Officer

Adrianne Courtney

Director of Administration

Gerald Dube

Director of Information Technology


General Counsel

Devon Bijansky
Director of Enforcement
Virginia Fields

Public Information Officer

Robert Elrod
Deputy Executive Director Joel Speight

Chief Steward/Judge

Ricky Walker

Director of Investigations

Jim Blodgett

Director of Licensing

Connie Estes

Director of Pari-Mutuels

Curley Trahan

Veterinary Medical Director

Dr. Robert (Trey) James

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Page updated: 2/22/19