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Main Headquarters

Mailing Address                               Street Address
             P.O. Box 12080                          8505 Cross Park Dr. #110
Austin, TX 78711-2080                       Austin, Tx 78754

Map to 8505 Cross Park

Phone: 512-833-6699
Fax: 512-833-6907

Integrity Hotline: 855-847-7897
Call this number, day or night, to report any suspicious activity. You may remain anonymous but please
provide as much detail as possible so a thorough investigation can be made.

         Web Site: http://www.txrc.texas.gov
Information: info@txrc.texas.gov
            Webmaster: webmaster@txrc.texas.gov


Austin office hours are 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday except for designated state & national holidays.

Executive Director Chuck Trout
Deputy Executive Director Joel Speight
General Counsel Mark Fenner
Director of Administration John Perryman
Director of Information Technology Patricia Fitch Nalle
Director of Pari-Mutuels Curley Trahan
Director of Licensing Connie Estes
Chief Financial Officer Adrianne Courtney
Director of Investigations Jim Blodgett
Chief Steward/Judge Ricky Walker
Veterinary Medical Director Dr. Robert (Trey) James
Public Information Officer Robert Elrod
Policy Development Officer Jean Cook

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