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Texas Racing Act

Article 10. Allocation of Racing Days - Greyhounds; Kennels

Sec. 10.01. Number of Racing Days.
Any greyhound racing licensee shall be entitled to have 300 evening and 150 matinee performances in a calendar year. The commission shall grant at least five additional racing days during a race meeting to be conducted as charity days. The commission shall adopt rules relating to the conduct of charity days. The commission shall insure that the races held by an association on a charity day are comparable in all respects, including the generation of revenue, to the races held by that association on any other racing day.

Sec. 10.02. Substitute Racing Days or Additional Races.
If for a reason beyond the licensee's control and not caused by the licensee's fault or neglect it is impossible for the licensee to hold or conduct a race or races on a day authorized by the commission, the commission in its discretion and at the request of the licensee, as a substitute for the race or races, may specify another day for the holding or conducting of racing by the licensee or may add additional races to already programmed events.

Sec. 10.03. Kennels.
Each greyhound racetrack must contract for a maximum of 18 kennels and shall provide free kennel rent and schooling.

Sec. 10.04. Texas-Bred Greyhounds.
  (a) Subject to this Act or any rule of the commission, the state greyhound breed registry shall make reasonable rules to establish the qualifications of accredited Texas-bred greyhounds to promote, develop, and improve the breeding of greyhounds in this state. Rules adopted by the registry are subject to commission approval.
  (b) The commission shall adopt standards relating to the operation of greyhound farms or other facilities where greyhounds are raised for pari-mutuel racing.

Sec. 10.05. Breed Registry; Breakage Distributions.
The officially designated state greyhound breed registry for accredited Texas-bred greyhounds is the Texas Greyhound Association. The state breed registry shall adopt rules to provide for the use of breakage received by it under Section 6.09(d) of this Act. An association shall pay the breakage due the breed registry to the appropriate state greyhound breed registry at least every 30 days.

Sec. 10.06. Texas Kennels.
  (a) In contracting with kennel owners for a racetrack, an association shall ensure that at least 50 percent of the kennels with which the association contracts are wholly owned by Texas residents.
  (b) In this section, "Texas resident" means an individual who has resided in Texas for the five-year period preceding the date the kennel contract is signed.

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