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Texas Racing Act

Article 4. Powers and Duties of Comptroller


Sec. 4.01. Books and Records.
All books, records, and financial statements required by the commission under Section 3.04 of this Act are open to inspection by the comptroller. The comptroller by rule may specify the form and manner in which the books, records, and statements are to be kept and reports are to be filed that relate to the state's share of a pari-mutuel pool.

Sec. 4.02. Power of Entry.
The comptroller and the authorized agents of the comptroller may enter the office, racetrack, or other place of business of an association or totalisator licensee at any time to inspect books, records, or financial statements or to inspect and test the totalisator system to determine the accuracy of totalisator-generated reports and calculations pertaining to the state share of the pari-mutuel pool.

Sec. 4.03. Rules.
The comptroller may adopt rules for the enforcement of the comptroller's powers and duties under this Act.

Sec. 4.04. Collection of State's Portion of Pari-mutuel Pool.
  (a) The comptroller may prescribe by rule procedures for the collection and deposit of the state's portion of each pari-mutuel pool. The state's portion of each pool shall be deposited by the association at the time and in the manner that the comptroller prescribes by rule.
  (b) The comptroller by rule may require each association to post security in an amount estimated to be sufficient to cover the amount of state money that will be collected and held by an association between bank deposits to ensure payment of the state's portion of the pari-mutuel pool. Cash, cashier's checks, surety bonds, irrevocable bank letters of credit, United States Treasury bonds that are readily convertible to cash, or irrevocable assignments of federally insured accounts in banks, savings and loan institutions, and credit unions are acceptable as security for purposes of this section.

Sec. 4.05. Compliance.
  (a) If an association or totalisator company does not comply with a rule adopted by the comptroller under this article, refuses to allow access to or inspection of any of its required books, records, or financial statements, refuses to allow access to or inspection of the totalisator system, or becomes delinquent for the state's portion of the pari-mutuel pool or for any other tax collected by the comptroller, the comptroller shall certify that fact to the commission.
  (b) With regard to the state's portion of the pari-mutuel pool and any penalties related to the state's portion, the comptroller, acting independently of the commission, may take any collection or enforcement actions authorized under the Tax Code against a delinquent or dilatory taxpayer. Administrative appeals related to the state's portion of the pari-mutuel pool or late reporting or deposit of the state's portion shall be to the comptroller and then to the courts as under Title 2, Tax Code. All other administrative appeals shall be to the commission and then to the courts.

Sec. 4.06. Penalties for Delayed Reports and Payments.
An association incurs a penalty for the late payment of the state's portion of the pari-mutuel pool or reports related to the payment of that portion at the rate of five percent of the total amount due or $1,000, whichever is greater, for a report or payment not filed on or before the time it is due. An additional penalty equal to one percent of the amount of the state's portion that is unpaid shall be added for each business day that the required report or payment is late up to a maximum penalty of 12 percent. The penalty may be waived in situations in which penalties would be waived under Section 111.103, Tax Code.

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