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Texas Racing Act

Article 8. Allocation of Racing Days - Horses

Sec. 8.01. Allocation.
The commission shall allocate the live and simulcast racing days for the conduct of live and simulcast racing at each racetrack licensed under this Act. Each racetrack shall accord reasonable access to races for all breeds of horses as determined by the racetrack through negotiations with the representative state breed registry with the final approval of the commission. In granting approval, the commission shall consider the factors of availability of competitive horses, economic feasibility, and public interest. In allocating race dates under this section, the commission shall consider live race dates separately from simulcast race dates. The commission may prohibit Sunday racing unless the prohibition would conflict with another provision of this Act.

Sec. 8.02. Charity Days.

  (a) The commission shall grant additional racing days to each association during a race meeting to be conducted as charity days. The commission shall grant at least two and not more than five additional days to each class 1 racetrack and to each class 2 racetrack. Each class 1 and class 2 racetrack shall conduct charity race days in accordance with this section.
  (b) The commission shall adopt rules relating to the conduct of charity days. The commission shall insure that the races held by an association on a charity day are comparable in all respects, including the generation of revenue, to the races held by that association on any other racing day..

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Page updated: 9/19/08