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Texas Racing Commission Rules

The Texas Racing Commission adopts rules pursuant to authority granted to the Commission in the Texas Racing Act. The Rules are adopted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, Texas Govt. Code, Chapter 2001.

  • Rules of Racing (As complied and maintained by the Texas Secretary of State's office. This is the official source for the Commission's rules. See important disclaimer below.)

Texas Racing Act and Rules of Racing - electronic version as of October 2017 includes all revisions adopted by the Commission through the September 20, 2017, meeting.

Texas Racing Act and Rules of Racing printed version as of May 2016. This printed version includes all revisions adopted by the Commission through the April 12, 2016, meeting.  To keep the rulebook up-to-date, following are the replacement pages that contain all of the changes to the Rules approved by the Commission since May of 2016: 

  • Replacement Pages as of November 7, 2016 includes the following:
    List of Replacement Pages dated 9/1/2016
    Pp. 239-240 Chapter Table of Contents update
    Pp. 247-248 Amendment - Sec. 319.110 Requirements to Enter Association Grounds
    Pp. 345-346 Index update

    List of Replacement Pages dated 11/7/2016 includes the following:
    Pp. 97-100-B Amendment - Sec. 303.102 Greyhound Rules

  • Replacement Pages as of March 8, 2017 includes the following:
    Pp. 75-80 Amendment – Sec. 301.1 Definitions
    Pp. 111-112-B Amendment – Sec. 307.62 Disciplinary Hearings
    Pp. 183-184-B Amendment – Sec. 311.104 Trainers
    Pp. 259-260 Chapter 321 Table of Contents update
    Pp. 263-264 Amendment - Sec. 321.2 Odds Manipulation
    Pp. 265-66 Amendment - Sec. 321.11 Access to Removable Electronic Media
    Pp. 269-270 Amendment - Sec. 321.35 Claim for Payment
          Amendment - Sec. 321.41 Cashing Outstanding Tickets
          Amendment - Sec. 321.42 Cashing Outstanding Vouchers

  • Replacement Pages as of 5/3/2017 includes the following:
    Pp. 147-148-B Amendment – Sec. 309.154 Stable or Kennel Area
    Pp. 183-184-B Amendment – Sec. 311.105 Jockeys
    Pp. 189-192 Amendment - Sec. 311.302 Subject to Testing
          Amendment - Sec. 311.304 Taking of Specimens
          Amendment - Sec. 311.308 Penalties
    Pp. 219-220 Amendment - Sec. 313.501 Training Facility License
    Pp. 227-228 Amendment - Sec. 315.1 Required Officials

  • Replacement Pages as of 8/25/2017 includes the following:
    Pp. 175-176 Amendment - Sec. 311.5 License Fees
    Pp. 180-184-B Amendment - Sec. 311.104 Trainer
    Pp. 201-202 Amendment - Sec. 313.24 Records and Reports

Copies of this rulebook are available at Austin and the racetrack licensing offices. Notification of future changes to the rules may be received by providing an email address to info@txrc.texas.gov. Please type Rulebook Updates in the subject line.

NOTE: Chapter 321, Pari-mutuel Wagering, Totalisator Requirements and Operating Environment, Section 321.101, was adopted effective January 10, 2013. It requires that each association's wagering system operate in accordance with applicable laws and rules and meet the technical standards set forth in the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI) Totalisator Technical Standards as amended in July 2012.  A copy of the RCI Totalisator Technical Standards is available here. Two indexes are also available: Expanded Sections Index and Alphabetical Index.

Both the Act and the Rules have the force of law.

Requesting Rule Changes - Under Section 307.103 of the Rules of Racing, you may request the Commission to adopt, amend, or repeal a rule.  To assist the Committee on Rules’ evaluation of proposed changes, you should complete the following form:  Request for Proposed Change to an Existing Rule or Addition of a New Rule to the Rules of Racing ( PDF or MS Word Document).  Please contact info@txrc.texas.gov should you have any questions. 

Important Disclaimer

The information presented here is offered as a convenience to the public and every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. However, under state law, this does not constitute the official source for the Texas Racing Act or the Texas Racing Commission's Rules.

The official source for the Commission's rules is the Texas Administrative Code, compiled and maintained by the Texas Secretary of State's office.







Page updated: 10/11/17