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The Texas Bred Program

The Texas Racing Act provides purse supplements and monetary awards to breeders and owners of Texas-bred greyhounds and horses to encourage agriculture and the horse and greyhound breeding industries.

Greyhound Program
Funding for the Texas-bred Greyhound Incentive Program is derived from:
  • 50% of the total breakage from live, simulcast same-species, and simulcast cross-species handle, and
  • 1% of multiple two and multiple three wagers from simulcast same-species and simulcast cross-species handle.

The 50% of breakage and the 1% of multiple two and three wagers is paid to the Texas Greyhound Association. That money is dedicated 50% to stakes races and 50% to the owners of Texas-bred greyhounds racing at Texas tracks. During live racing, these funds are distributed by dividing the monthly total available for awards by the total number of Texas-bred greyhounds that finish among the first four Texas-bred greyhounds to finish a pari-mutuel race in Texas for that month.

Two percent of the total money from breakage received by the Texas Greyhound Association must be set aside for grants for rehabilitating of greyhounds or locating homes for greyhounds. The procedure and criteria for applying for a grant were finalized by the Texas Greyhound Association and approved by the Commission in 1999.

Any money earned from inter-state greyhound races at a horse track is also paid to the Texas Greyhound Association for use at Texas racetracks.

Horse Program
The Texas Racing Act authorizes an incentive award for each owner, breeder and stallion owner of an accredited Texas-bred horse that finishes first, second or third in any race other than a Texas-bred stakes race. The awards are funded from:
  • breakage from all pari-mutuel pools, and
  • 1% of all multiple two and multiple three wagering pools from live, simulcast same-species, and simulcast cross-species.
A Texas-bred stakes race purse supplement is funded from 9.8% of the breakage from all pari-mutuel pools. This money is retained by the racetracks for distribution through the horsemen's bookkeeper. Horses finishing in an accredited Texas-bred stakes race receive an incentive award as a purse supplement according to the payout conditions of the race.

The remaining money is distributed on a 40%/40%/20% split, respectively, among the owners, breeders, and stallion owners of the accredited Texas-bred horse.

The Texas Racing Act names the official breed registries that are responsible for determining the qualifications for Texas-bred accreditation, maintaining the eligibility lists and distributing the monetary awards: Texas Thoroughbred Association; the Texas Quarter Horse Association; the Texas Appaloosa Horse Club; the Texas Arabian Breeders Association; and the Texas Paint Horse Breeders' Association.

In November 1998, the Texas Appaloosa Horse Club requested withdrawal from the program due to lack of participation.

Page updated: 11/18/16