Eligibility Requirements
to Apply for a New Business License Online

Eligible Business Licenses
There are three types of business licenses - vendor, kennel, and multiple owner. Only the kennel and multiple owner license types are eligible for new license applications online.

A kennel license is for a business that operates a kennel of greyhounds at one of the greyhound racetracks. The owner of the kennel must also be individually licensed by the Racing Commission.

In addition to submitting the application online, the applicant must print out the online addendum form, complete Sections 1 through 4, and have a designated representative of the racetrack sign Section 6.

Multiple Owner
A multiple owner registration is for a business, such as a partnership, corporation, estate, or stable, that owns a race animal. Each of the individuals who own 5% or more of the business must also be individually licensed by the Racing Commission. The race animal will not be permitted to race until all those individuals are licensed.

You may not renew an existing multiple owner license such as a stable name, partnership or corporation if any of the following has changed since the license was obtained or last renewed: the name of the business, the owners in the business, or the owners listed on the animal's papers. If any of these changes has occurred, you must contact the Commission.

If the ownership percentages have changed within the business entity but all the owners are the same, you may renew the multiple owner license.

Some businesses may not be eligible to submit an application online due to regulatory issues with the Racing Commission. A business is not eligible to apply online for a new business license if any of the following applies:

  • Any individual who owns 5% or more of the business is not currently individually licensed by the Racing Commission.
  • Any owner of the business has any outstanding fines or returned checks.
  • Any owner of the business has an outstanding ruling that makes the business or owner ineligible to participate in racing (i.e. license is suspended).
  • Any owner of the business has been flagged by the Racing Commission to see a steward, judge, or investigator. This is usually because the stewards, judges, or investigators have some questions or information for the person.
  • The business has a foreign address. At this time, the Texas Online portal cannot process applications with foreign addresses. Texas Online is working to address this issue and we hope to offer this in the future.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible to apply online for a business license, contact the Racing Commission's main office in Austin.

How Do I Apply for a License Online?
Applying for a business license is quick and easy. The process will go smoothly if you carefully read all instructions before entering any data. To begin the application process, you must have the license numbers for all the people who own 5% or more of the business. You must also have the license number for the designated representative for the business. If you don't know any of the required license numbers, contact a Racing Commission office.

For kennel licenses, the licensing process will require you to submit an addendum form. Click here to view and print a copy of the online addendum form.

The application will ask you to add an address. Before you start entering your information, you should select the "mailing" option from the drop-down menu. The address you enter should be the mailing address for the business - that is, the address to which you wish Racing Commission correspondence relating to the business to be sent. If the business has no mailing address, enter the address for the designated representative for the business.

You will be prompted to enter some identifying information about the individuals who own the business being licensed. If the individuals own more than 5% of the business, each of those owners will have to be individually licensed by the Racing Commission. You may obtain the license numbers for those individuals by contacting any Racing Commission office.

You must also enter the percentage that each individual owns in the business. For example, if Mary Smith and John Doe are equal partners in the business, enter "50" in the field for "Percentage of Ownership". The number entered must consist of at least two digits and should not include the percentage sign.. For example, if one of the individuals owns only 9% of the business, enter "09" in the "Percentage of Ownership" field. Please do not type the percentage sign (%) into the online application as it may cause processing errors.

Remember, the total percentage ownership must equal 100%. You must enter the names and percentage ownership of all individuals owning an interest in the business, even if they own less than 5% and do not have to have an individual Racing Commission license. For individuals owning less than 5%, enter "N/A" in the Racing Commission license field.

Submitting an application with a total percentage ownership
that does not equal 100% will delay the processing of your application.

Designated Representative
The application will ask for a designated representative for the business. The designated representative is the individual who is authorized to make racing-related decisions for the business. This is the individual the Racing Commission will contact when there is a question about the business's license or activities.

Reviewing Your Application
After entering all the data for your application, you will have the opportunity to edit any information that is incorrect. To change any information, however, the portal will take you back to the specified spot in the application. To continue, you will have to page through the entire application again. Therefore, to save time, you are encouraged to review the data in each section of the application for accuracy before you continue.

More Questions?
See Licensing FAQ's.

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Page updated: 10/17/13